AWG opens in Chambersburg, PA

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AWG is pleased to announce the opening of our newest branch located at 602 North 5th Ave. in Chambersburg, PA.  Phone number (717) 977-5020.
AWG knows its success relies on a knowledgeable, experienced and talented staff.  We gave very careful thought and consideration when assembling the great Chambersburg team we now have.  Together, Todd Benedict (Branch Manager), Don Fawks (Driver), and Andy Funk (Account Manager) have over 60 years of local industry experience!  Their knowledge of gases and products will be invaluable to our growth strategy in this marketplace.
Positioned on a heavily traveled road and through positive word of mouth, Chambersburg has already developed a loyal repeat customer base within days of opening.  Our team in Chambersburg is excited to develop new partnerships with businesses in the area by providing premier customer service, value oriented solutions and products at a fair price.
Exterior Chambersburg           Interior Chambersburg
AWG is one of the largest independent gas and welding supplies distributors in the United States with facilities in seventeen states.  We distribute products to customers in over 30 states and Canada.  AWG has the expertise, assets and supply sources necessary to service a customer of any size.  To learn more about AWG, visit
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